My name is Vinnie Fisher. I am truly an entrepreneur. I have started, stopped, purchased, sold, scaled, closed, exited, failed and triumphed collectively at over 20 companies that I have created and built in my career.

I have produced a couple hundred million in revenues for multiple companies with over 1,600 employees. So I have had a great privilege and burden of growing multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses.

By profession I am a corporate and tax lawyer who left my law practice to pursue my passion of being an entrepreneur. I tell you all of this to help you understand the context of who is writing this book and why I am writing this book.

To that point, throughout my career, I would constantly see an idea or create one that I believed would offer something great to a bunch of people. I would quickly run down hill and chase my idea. In many cases, I would successfully launch that idea into a business. Then the real journey for me started in the lifecycle of my company.

At first, things are always great regardless of the start. I am always filled with energy in the launch or start-up phase. I carry enough energy for everyone around me. Then I usually get exactly what I set out to conquer: customers and success in sales.

At this point, I would wear multiple hats in the company. And during the start-up phase, you have no choice but to do just that! In my businesses, things would quickly progress. And in less then six months time (in most cases), I would find myself overwhelmed. I needed more people on my team helping me to run and grow this business. I was moving so quickly that I would hire fast without a real purpose or direction for the culture of the company.

Looking back, my strategy of hiring quickly was not the problem. It was the lack of a hiring and firing strategy that actually led to most of my future business struggles.

It takes great people not great systems to take a company to its next level. And as an entrepreneur they are the most important aspect of your company and they require proper strategy and direction for clear execution paramount to any other part of your business.

I feel so strongly about this that I needed to stop my busy life and write this book to help you manage your own mindset; to show you how being in charge of the business you created without having to be in control of every aspect of a business is a real and obtainable goal. And in order for the company to succeed and grow to its next level, you must allow others to control and excel in areas you cannot.

I am an excellent marketer. I love thinking about the sales hook and brand vision for companies and products. I also truly enjoy people and helping them succeed. I like these areas so much that I will ignore other critical areas of our business if it interferes with my desire to work on sales/marketing and the development of other people in our company.

It took me a long time to realize the super powers that I bring to the company – and even longer to understand that I couldn’t do it alone. I didn’t invest well in the early years of my business career. It took me years to find the mentors and colleagues who would help me refine my process. It took a lot of frustration (and even some financial setbacks) to realize the best positions I should hold in my organizations.

It is truly hard to go at it alone. I am so thankful that I was introduced to a world of personal development. It has allowed me to identify aspects of my talents (or lack thereof) and how those qualities in me impact our organization. As your company grows, one very important step is to get a good understanding of where you ultimately belong. You must realize something at this point: The entrepreneur of a business is the “heartbeat” and if the heart is not beating correctly then you are out of rhythm.

Back to my growth in business, as our company would grow I would quickly hire never truly understanding the open key roles or how to match those roles with the “heartbeat” of the company.  I would hire for competence not culture.

As a result often times I would find myself slowly losing the passion for our business.  I became discouraged that I was trapped in doing things that I didn’t want to do and I kept churning through people in the company, causing my key people to also get discouraged and lose drive to push on through the hard times.

Those periods in each of our companies were hard.  Our heart was damaged and we were out of rhythm.  And you know it could have been avoided.  I know one thing you may be considering at this point: the business was probably not working.  Well just the opposite, we were bringing in the revenue, well at least the gross.  How much we were keeping is an entirely different issue!  But more on that issue later.

But what was truly happening was heart disease in our company.  We were dying from the inside and we didn’t even know it.  Well we didn’t know how to diagnosis and reverse it in many cases.

Then things changed.  As I started to identify the qualities of my talents to our company, I was able to solidify language as to what made me “tick”.  And it was that identify that started to form the realization that the entrepreneur / owner of a small business is truly its “heartbeat” regardless of the season of its growth.  I realized that I can always remain “in charge” of our company as long as I relinquish “control” of certain and specific areas of our business to someone else who will handle it much better than I ever could.

I actually found a way to un-trap myself from our company and bring back the rhythm of our heartbeat.  And you can have that too!

That’s why I have set-up as my mission to help entrepreneurs get un-trapped from parts of the company.  Discover its “heartbeat” and hire and train the key people to help grow and take the organization to its next level.

So a number of years ago I started helping mentor and coach other entrepreneurs on the operation and growth of their companies.  During this journey, I help them realize that the mindset of the entrepreneur is critical.  Mindset is so important that I had to name the book after it.

The wisdom, techniques and exercises that I bring each entrepreneur throughout our relationship is here in this book.  I tried not to hold anything back.

You will discover that information is great.  It is critical to strategy.  But without execution and progress you have nothing.  You must develop an “execution attitude” and help your team excel in that environment.

I also realized that many other entrepreneurs needed this information and guidance and that I could not help everyone in a one-on-one basis.  So i created a few organizations to help (more on that later) and also I decided to write this book to help guide you through the most important part of the company – you, its “heartbeat”!

So if you are interested to continue and learn about the entrepreneur mindset and how the CEO of the business should be in charge but not in control of every area of the company in order for it to grow and succeed then this book is for you.

I will also offer you two ways to interact with this book; (1) just read it in pieces stopping at each exercise and doing them without proceeding until done; or (2) read it twice.  The first time straight thru to get the overall vision and concepts and then go back through and do the exercises.

In either case, the exercises are there for you to make progress and develop an “execution attitude” at the highest level.  it will also allow you to build momentum.  Making progress is one of the best kept secrets to momentum.  Only the people who put into action the strategy have learned this secret.

Taking action here will also allow you to gain confidence that you actually can be “in charge” of a complete and excelling company and develop great people around you.

I cannot encourage you any more: Invest in Yourself! Do it now! You are worth it!  Get a mentor, join a mastermind, attend workshops and development seminars, and find a coach or consultant who can be there to help you mature and grow in your life and business career.  You will never regret that decision.

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